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5 years of buckle up!

In the suburbs of a city dedicated lawmen have been relentlessly establishing order in the tangle of online technologies for the fifth year in a row.
Will they succeed in solving the newest mystery?

Help us solve the mystery

Movie and TV stars and our friends at the same time prepared a surprising gift for the fifth anniversary of our digital agency. They took upon themselves the impossible task to help others with the correct pronunciation of “buckle up” and unobtrusively incorporated it into their movies and shows. Choose the level of difficulty and help us to identify their titles.

Are you a detective and a movie fan?

Our purpose is to find answers to questions regarding the digital world. Without any hesitation we immediately started to search for titles of movies and TV shows in the montage. However we shall need your help. Choose a level and watch the montage. Beginners are strongly encouraged to select level zero. If you dare, take your chances in the more advanced level one. In level one you have shorter time to identify the montage parts which makes it more complicated. Remember the identified parts well and enter the competition.

I have identified at least five, I want to compete

Join in to win tickets

Fill in the titles of the movies and TV shows that you have recognized. For every 5 correctly identified movies or TV shows you automatically enter into a draw with the chance to win 1 ticket to IMAX cinema. Fingers crossed, the draw will already take place on 1st December under the supervision of the whole buckle up team. Therefore there is an unbelievable 99.99 percent guarantee of transparency and discretion.

Buckle up and send

Special prize

The first to identify all, really all titles of movies and TV shows in the montage, shall win a special prize - collector’s edition of the Back to the Future saga: Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy, which will be released on blu-ray in October. And that shall not be all! By winning you receive our admiration and recognition. And those are priceless!

Level 2

The most advance and difficult level is for real film geeks only. If you mistake Superman for Spiderman, erase this section from you memory. If you dare to continue, we shall admire your courage. Did you hear any other actors or actresses mention the name of our digital agency in their movies or shows? Find the respective part on YouTube and become co-creator of a montage video by adding it.

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Lukáš Sivák

Help us to teach the pronunciation of buckle up and add you part to our film montage.

As from time to time the pronunciation of the name of our agency troubles even the best experts in their field (greetings to the local tax office, police unit and many others), some education might come in handy. After you have logged in to Facebook, add the link to a YouTube video in which our digital agency buckle up is mentioned. After having added the link, set the right time of the specific part and forever you shall become the co-creator of our new montage. Your chance to win shall become 5 times higher.

Load a Youtube video
Incorrect address of a YouTube video
Set the starting time in the video

(in the montage only a 5-second part will be shown)

Add the video to the montage Abort

We have been here for you for 5 years

We have already been here for you for five years. Together we prepared countlessly many projects, starting from simple micro-sites, various prints such as leaflets or billboards, corporate identities, as well as more complex web and mobile applications, questionnaire and presentation systems, campaigns, e-shops, games and various others. We would like to thank you. We are looking forward to many further years with you.

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